Freshwater Species Spotlight: Cherry Shrimp

Neocaridina heteropoda Cherry shrimp are perfect for any aquarist looking to try out something a little different for their tank. They spend their days looking for uneaten food and algae to eat(a very valuable trait for those of us who like to take a more holistic approach to our tanks… or are just too lazy… Read More

Saltwater Species Spotlight: The White Tailed Bristletooth Tang

Ctenochaetus flavicauda The White Tailed Bristletooth Tang is a fairly obscure species in the marine aquarium hobby. This is due to only being found in the very remote islands of the Central Pacific, and its tendency to dart when spooked (which makes it much harder for divers to collect), which results in a very expensive… Read More

Choosing a Planted Aquarium Substrate

Not all substrates are created equal, especially if you intend to grow plants in them. There are many things to consider, particle size, color, nutrient content, price, species of fish, etc… Selecting a substrate when you’re setting up a planted aquarium can seem daunting at first, but hopefully after reading through this you will learn enough… Read More