New Desktop Planted Tank

Just set up a 20 tall aquarium on my desk. I have been out of the freshwater side of the hobby for too long and wanted to set up something I can look at while working on my computer.

Cherry Shrimp

Currently it has been running for about two weeks and has a healthy amount of plants that have started growing. I plan on adding some sort of stem plant in the back left of the tank to add a bit more depth to the aquascape. It also is home to 4 pairs of cherry shrimp I picked up at my local LFS.

For light it’s running a 24″ Finnex Planted Plus on a timer for 7 hours a day, combined with dosing liquid carbon daily, seems to be keeping algae growth in check. I’m running a Finnex PX-360 canister filter for filtration and flow, and a Finnex HMO-100 heater running at 79 degrees.

I plan on making this a planted community tank anyone could set up and run without spending a fortune and hours a week of maintenance, and plan on showing you all its progression along the way. The first fish will be added sometime next week, I’ll keep you all updated.

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