We are a small company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in producing the highest quality, and most ecologically responsible, aquacultured corals and marine invertebrates in the industry.

We seek to provide an alternative to retailers from wild collected corals, with inconsistent quality and supply, that trade hands half a dozen times between the ocean and finally getting to the final customer’s tank. We do this by only starting with healthy and colorful stock to begin with. They are then dipped, and inspected for any undesirable hitchhikers. We then grow them out in our systems for months to years before propagating them. The frags of these mother colonies are given as much time as they need to properly heal and encrust before finally being offered for sale to you. This process makes our corals very hardy and conditioned to aquarium life before they reach you, resulting in many less unnecessary mortalities, and bleached and browned out corals.

We believe customer service and transparency are vital to our success. Without customers we don’t have a business, and therefore, will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel like you are being treated fairly and receive consistent, high quality, service from us. All of the corals we offer are grown in house, we are in no way a ‘chop shop’ of freshly imported and stressed corals trying to make a quick buck. Any pictures on our website and catalogs are as true as we can to what you will actually see in your tanks. We don’t want to mislead anyone with any over saturated, crazy edited, photos.

Like many retailers, this company spiraled out of control from a passion for the aquarium hobby. We are hobbyist first, and we’d like to think this shows through in the way we do business.

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