New Customers


We are a wholesale operation and do not sell to the general public. If you are interested in our corals and are not a business please feel free to send your local fish store our way and we will happily sell through them to you.

New Customers

We are always looking for new customers to build a relationship with. We are a small and young company and due to this, we will go to great lengths to make sure you truly understand how important you are as a customer to us.

Currently we only serve the Lower Michigan area (West & Central Michigan, as well as Metro Detroit). We plan on expanding our range in the future, please check back if you are out of this range.

As a way to show you the difference in our products and service, we offer new customers $75 off of their first order, and waive the delivery fees.

Minimum Orders

Our minimum order size is $200.


If your store is located in lower Michigan, and you meet the $200 minimum order amount, we will happily offer delivery right to your store. This service drastically cuts down on time the corals spend in out of a tank, less than 6 hours, compared to almost 18 hours with traditional packing and overnight shipping.

Our delivery fee only is $15, and free if your order is $500 or greater.

We currently don’t offer overnight shipping, but plan to implement it in the not to distant future, please check back, or email with any questions.

DOA Policy

Currently we personally deliver all of our corals, therefore we can be present when they are unpacked and will offer credit on any livestock that is dead or badly damaged upon arrival.

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